A Little Act of Kindness 

Imagine it’s raining and your eating at a dinner. A cold chill is in the air as you sip your soup. The booth your sitting is tattered and worn. In all actuality this is a reflection of your heart. 

A older lady is sitting by herself in the booth from across from you. She struggled getting to her booth but no one batted an eye. She comes for coffee everyday just to talk to someone. At home she is alone. She makes a quick glance over at you. Would you ask for her to join you? 

The waitress has a swollen belly, pregnant no doubt. She picks up double shifts despite her aching feet. She struggles for money but she does not lead it on. Would you remember to tip generously? 

You leave the dinner in no hurry but you notice an old man huddled in a box. He is worn down and suffering from the weather. He served for our country but he has no place to stay. Would you offer a warm meal or some change? 

You stop at the pharmacy on your way home. You get your daily vitamins and walk to the check out. You see a teenager being refused her mothers meds because the insurance will not cover them. Her mother is lying in a bed ill at home and is the only breadwinner for the family of five kids. Would you pay for the meds? 

You go home and you realize that your heartache is a lot to bear. You kiss your family goodnight after a warm meal. You shut off your light which your bills have been paid. As you drift to sleep you think of how much better the world would be if there was no one struggling. 

As you close your eyes you conclude you could have helped in all those situations. Be that change. Control the smile of others.


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