The Cosmic Apocalypse

Well as planned I pushed through such a slow read for me. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel is growing on me now that I have had time to reflect on the novel. The plot is noteworthy that Emily St. John Mandel is a mastermind. Station Eleven is not your everyday apocalypse novel.

Flashbacks and flash forward scenes are strategically placed throughout the novel. Twenty years have passed since the sickness took place. Many people all over the world die. Everything changes. Those who survive the sickness have to survive the wild and other humans.

The Traveling Symphony is a group of people who come together and travel while entertaining. When they come by a town they realize there is a self proclaiming  prophet who is stirring up trouble. He seems to have a large group of followers. The Symphony moves on to find people go missing in their group. Deaths are unexplainable. Will they reach their destination together?

The comic is actually a character’s creation. There is only two copies printed of the finished work. All of those who come in contact with the comic, their lives become entangled. This read is great once you piece the puzzle together.

Emily’s approach to the apocalyptic world is fresh and new. Such a well thought out group of characters. This novel gives the reader time to reflect on how they are living their lives. A must read for something different.


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