First, I would like to point out that I am very new to this whole world of blogging. I have always wanted to put my thoughts on my reading material out there for others too reflect on…so here I am. I am openly encouraging constructive criticism and welcoming pointers. I will also openly admit, even though I am a very well rounded reader my grammar and spelling are not the best. So again I ask that I welcome corrections.

Alright now that the beautiful faults are explained I can really get down to business.

The propose of me starting this first blog is to let others explore my reading choices. I will be open to suggestions to review as well. I read just about anything once. I want to be able to give the followers of my blog insight to the reading choices before picking the book up themselves. It is sometimes incredibly hard not to judge the book by a cover, that’s where I come in. I will read a book and give you that insight. I also want to point out that I am doing this to encourage others to just pick up a book. I find it very calming and therapeutic.

Placeholder ImageLastly, I will be giving myself deadlines. I will be posting weekly or monthly agendas. These agendas will keep myself on track as well as the readers following. They will contain what book or novel as well as the author. Feel free to read along and post comments as well. I am looking forward to posting and seeing who all gets involved.


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