The Cosmic Apocalypse

Well as planned I pushed through such a slow read for me. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel is growing on me now that I have had time to reflect on the novel. The plot is noteworthy that Emily St. John Mandel is a mastermind. Station Eleven is not your everyday apocalypse novel.

Flashbacks and flash forward scenes are strategically placed throughout the novel. Twenty years have passed since the sickness took place. Many people all over the world die. Everything changes. Those who survive the sickness have to survive the wild and other humans.

The Traveling Symphony is a group of people who come together and travel while entertaining. When they come by a town they realize there is a self proclaiming  prophet who is stirring up trouble. He seems to have a large group of followers. The Symphony moves on to find people go missing in their group. Deaths are unexplainable. Will they reach their destination together?

The comic is actually a character’s creation. There is only two copies printed of the finished work. All of those who come in contact with the comic, their lives become entangled. This read is great once you piece the puzzle together.

Emily’s approach to the apocalyptic world is fresh and new. Such a well thought out group of characters. This novel gives the reader time to reflect on how they are living their lives. A must read for something different.


Feast Your Eyes

So the coloring craze has become super popular lately. Adult coloring books have been flying off the shelves at locations everywhere. I think it brings out the inner child in all of us. The good news is it is some pretty cheep therapy. Instead of paying a shrink for those with anxiety open up a coloring book to enjoy. I started my coloring challenge in December. My coloring book choices are between complex and playful. So just to brighten up my blog with some colors every now and then here are my masterpieces. Let your inner child out!

The fish took quite some time to complete. I started it the day after Christmas only to complete it today!

Update for Station Eleven

Well just a quick update for all of those who are expecting my first review tomorrow on Station Eleven. I have hit a stand still. The read is unexpectedly dry for me. But I will try my best to push through so my first review will be on time. Just a heads up. Look forward to seeing my post tomorrow on it. image

A Little Act of Kindness 

Imagine it’s raining and your eating at a dinner. A cold chill is in the air as you sip your soup. The booth your sitting is tattered and worn. In all actuality this is a reflection of your heart. 

A older lady is sitting by herself in the booth from across from you. She struggled getting to her booth but no one batted an eye. She comes for coffee everyday just to talk to someone. At home she is alone. She makes a quick glance over at you. Would you ask for her to join you? 

The waitress has a swollen belly, pregnant no doubt. She picks up double shifts despite her aching feet. She struggles for money but she does not lead it on. Would you remember to tip generously? 

You leave the dinner in no hurry but you notice an old man huddled in a box. He is worn down and suffering from the weather. He served for our country but he has no place to stay. Would you offer a warm meal or some change? 

You stop at the pharmacy on your way home. You get your daily vitamins and walk to the check out. You see a teenager being refused her mothers meds because the insurance will not cover them. Her mother is lying in a bed ill at home and is the only breadwinner for the family of five kids. Would you pay for the meds? 

You go home and you realize that your heartache is a lot to bear. You kiss your family goodnight after a warm meal. You shut off your light which your bills have been paid. As you drift to sleep you think of how much better the world would be if there was no one struggling. 

As you close your eyes you conclude you could have helped in all those situations. Be that change. Control the smile of others.

Very First Adgenda

Starting off small to see how I want to get this constructed for the posts to come!

I will have my first review posted by June 5th,2016

The novel of choice: Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel

I have been so excited to get my hands on this. It is a Pen/ Faulkner award finalist. Apocalyptic setting which I love in a great deal of my reads. Looking forward to the page turning and the review to follow.